How to Develop Smart Application Using Google TV Android

Google TV is a platform for Smart TV application development for High Definition Televisions co developed by Google, Sony and Logitech. It supports android operating systems so we can use android applications in to Smart TV which supports Google TV.Android SDK and API provide functionality to develop Smart TV applications using Google TV Add-ons. The Honeycomb (3.2) version of android supports Google TV Add-ons. Some Android features that are primarily used by mobile devices are not supported by Google TV i.e. touch screen support, NDK, Bluetooth, camera, GPS, sensors.

  • User Interface in Google TV

Smart TV does not support touch screen functionality like mobile phones. So in Google TV, navigation in the application is done differently using “DPAD”. It will help to navigate in the left, right, top, bottom, select using DPAD or remote control of Smart TV. Not all Google TV devices include their own display, so they detect screen resolution and density from the TV and from settings that the user makes during initialization.

Smart TVs has large display as compare to mobile phones. Mobile phones are viewed from close ups while we view television from certain distance so user need to create the application with Larger UI and Screen size.

  • Features supported by Google TV
    • Live TV Android application: In Google TV, Live TV viewing is possible with the Live TV android Application. It can actually store the signal and show the TV contents.
    • Channel Listing content provider: Channel listing content provider is also provided by Google TV which is used for Live Channel viewing. It shows channel for currently supported signals.
    •  Google TV add-on: Google TV also has an add-on package containing support for Google TV emulator. This helps you test your Android apps in a Google TV environment without using an actual Google TV device.
  • Basic Setup
    • System requirements: Following are the system requirements for Google TV application development:
  1. SDK Platform Android 3.1, API 12 (or later).
  2. Android SDK Tools revision 12 (or later).
  3. Google TV Add-on.
  • If you do not have the same SDK, download android SDK from or upgrade your SDK from older version to API 13.
  • After installing the proper version of android SDK, you can add Google TV Add-on.
  • Google TV Add-on
    • Google TV SDK Add-on allows developers to create Google TV-specific Android Virtual Devices (AVDs) for the Android emulator.
    • Installing the Add-On:
      • Start the android SDK manager from eclipse.
      • The path of your SDK will be shown at the left hand side on the top. Below the path you will see the packages installed or not installed in your environment.
      • From the list of available packages in the left hand side, select the API 3.2 which supports Google TV Add-on. Select Google TV Add-on entry and then click on Install Packages.


  • In the next dialog, click Accept All on the right, and then click Install. A progress bar appears as the new package is downloaded.


  • You now have the Google TV Add-on. Now you can create the emulator for Smart TV to debug and execute your Smart TV application.
  • Creating the Emulator
    • AVD for the Google TV is same as the AVD for normal android applications. We just need to give screen size and Google TV Add-on in the device used by the emulator.
    • To create the Emulator for Google TV, open the AVD manager from Windows->AVD Manager. Press on New to start the new device.
    • Following settings are required in the AVD manager.
      • AVD target of Google TV Add-on.
      • Screen resolution of 1280 x 720 as shown below.


  • The CPU type will be automatically changed to Atom x86 when you select API Level 13 in the target.
  • You required setting the SD card size to handle the media storage but it is recommended that you keep SD card size small to improve the emulator speed.
  • Now press OK so you will see the name of the AVD created by you in the list of AVDs. Press on Start and launch the emulator.


  • Following is the Google TV emulator in which you can run your smart TV application.


Hope, this post may prove to be useful to you in creating your smart TV app with Google TV. Let us know by posting your valuable comments.

Mobile Blogging Tools makes on-the-go blogging easy going

Messaging, internet searches, media sharing, and phone calls are now keeping their base on smartphones. Bloggers have also become mobile now and need tools to post from their mobile devices. With all of the tools and apps available today, blogging should be easy and straightforward. Yet, this is not the current scenario. Many bloggers find themselves struggling to make a cohesive schedule, meet deadlines for clients, and attract the interest of readers. Mobile blogging tools have been developed to make each blogger’s daily routine simple.

Here is a list of the best mobile tools so that bloggers can get out and live life on-the-go.

1.      WordPress

WordPress is such a CMS which makes every blogger pretty cozy. Its mobile version offers something new and surprising for those disenchanted with the formulaic nature of WP.Bloggers can write posts, upload photos, edit, and respond to comments smoothly using simple apps of WordPress that are widely available on almost any smartphone. It will never let you to be stuck without blog access again! By learning just one platform, you can scale to all sorts of devices. It eliminates the need for several different confusing choices when you choose WordPress.

2.      TypePad

High quality and incredible customer support is provided by the blogging platform of TypePad is well-known. Though a bit expensive app for freelance bloggers, TypePad allows you to blog via email, computer or mobile. This platform even has the option to work as a commerce tool or not.  Blog becomes streamlined and practical by customizing design and review analytics all for one price.

3.      Blogger

Blogger Mobile can be used with any device that send email or text. This is a huge win for bloggers with budgets and those who are in love with all-things Google. This platform is designed for the lowest common denominator among bloggers, being easy and earnest. On the downside, Blogger isn’t the prettiest platform to interact with on a daily basis.

4.      CinchCast

Audio broadcasts have been easy going with CinchCast as it makes audio podcasts as accessible as your own left hand. This tool is phenomenal for bloggers who enjoy lacing each entry with audio clips, video, or other dynamic elements. CinchCast makes your conference room as large as your imagination, allowing every caller to take part. CinchCast has become a revolutionary business tool for companies that can’t afford frequent convention overhead costs.

5.      Mobify Studio

Mobify Studio has taken mobile blogging much farther by offering web-based graphic user interface (GUI). Stylize any video, text or other content and Mobify Studio will turn it into something incredible for your next blog. However, only the most basic services are free; the business level (at $995 per month) offers a lot more, but not full access.

6.      Tumblr

Tumblr allows you to publish micro-blogs via email or mobile device. Also, Tumblr is ideal for bloggers who are traveling and incredibly busy: either one takes less than a minute to write, edit and post a mini-blog.  You can manage your Tumblr blog and post photos, video, quotes, chats, links, and text. Managing multiple Tumblr accounts and responding to comments from your mobile device has been simple due to Tumblr.

7.      Blogsy

Blogsy allows bloggers to quickly upload pictures by swiping a single finger, jot down notes for future posts, and edit botched assignments from interns. It allows you to see your options more clearly and quickly discern what needs to be revised. One extraordinary feature of Blogsy is that they offer clear-cut videos  and you’ll be able to quickly learn every feature and skill possible.

8.      Evernote :

Evernote lets you capture your thoughts, forward your captured media for later review, even send articles you find online to your account. It is a great tool to store your blog ideas and sources that will enhance your posts.

9.      Dropbox :

Dropbox allows to share large files, store audio, videos, photos, and text files with others for later referencing. It is an amazing blogging tool that lets you access your files from anywhere, in any room or on the go.

Apart  from the above discussed tools, there might be many more blogging tools for mobile devices. But we chose to suggest you the best among them. Do post your valuable comments for letting us know whether any other tool can be more effective.

Google pays-off $1-billion to Apple?

Google reportedly paying a substantial fee to be the default search engine on Apple devices with a $ 1 billion paid stating.


Although its ongoing legal battles, new reports been suggested search giant Google is paying to its sour opponent Apple as much as $ 1 billion (£ 638,240,000) to be the default search engine in the market for the company dominates hardware ranges.

Coverage of the size of the Mac as well as the scene of the leading smartphone market Apple iPhone and the iPad tablet that  Apple dominates, industry analysts have suggested that the choice of Apple’s default search option comes with a hefty price tag for Google.

In the wake of reports that Apple is to move away from Google Maps to introduce its own proprietary mapping software, Macquarie analyst Ben Schachter suggests that Apple’s current offerings with Google could amount to the rate of des-parallel .

In spite of the strong share Schachter has suggested Google continues to gain significant benefit from placement in the Apple devices with an annual $ 1.3 billion gross revenue generated by the operation.

“Google generates ~ $ 1.3 billion in gross revenue search through the default search placement on Apple devices,” said Schachter. ”In other words, $ 1.3 billion of search revenue ($ 335 million net income of search) in 2011 is at risk if Apple moves away from Google. $ 335 million represents about 1% of net income search. in particular, mobile / Apple is one of the fastest revenue growth of income of their drivers. ”

Get Free Online Game Hacks And Enjoy Those On Different Host Devices

Free Online Game Hacks

With so many fields of latest inventory services, reliable software management team came up with certain hacking tools, which will help you to hack not only a single gaming platform but the entire console for your use. Thus, if you are a gaming lover and want to enjoy online games without any interruption, availing these software and tools can be the first and foremost job to take help of. There are different valid reasons, which will act in your favor, while you are planning to enjoy the services of hacking any gaming console, among which, hacked games, forms the best and valid reasoning to deal with.

How To Get Free Online Game Hacks


There are some positive services, associated with pre hacked games as offered by numerous sites of the competitive market place. Some of those are related with adding special functionalities, creating any form of media center and also breathing some forms of new lives in your old gadget. Thus, you can now easily create your own game base, on your PC, laptop or even Smartphone, for enjoying the best hacked free games services for your use and also to pass some fruitful and valid time.

Hacking and keeping it for future use

free online game hacksThere is another modern segment, which you can deal with while planning to focus towards online game hacks enjoyment for a longer period of time. You can download your chosen games form reliable sites, run it on your PC and keep it in store with you on different consoles and even CDs and DVDs. These can then be run on some of the other computers or host devices, if you want to share the objectives of free games. These can be defined as some of the latest examples of new gaming services. You can take help of professionals related with hacked online games, if you are new in this field. To get the new hack releases head up to Sc0tt and run the latest ones for Dragon city, Marvel Future fight, FUT 16. And dont forget the latest Clash Royale tips and cheats that gets you unlimited gems . Run it on your mobile phone, either running iOS or Android operating system. I tried it on my Samsung s5.

It has been reported that the Galaxy S6 will come with fingerprint and iris sensors. That would be a major boost or the security of the device. Apple has already started using fingerprint sensors on their latest devices. Rumors are that the iPhone 6 will have a TouchID sensor for its fingerprint scanners. That would make it easier to use the feature. In this regard, the two devices look like they are even.

Apple ‘iTV’ is set to ‘iPanel’

A fiery piece of Apple soon will be known as “iPanel” instead of “iTV”.

Apple iTV Update

I am waiting for Apple iPanel (early it was iTV) from a long time and requesting Apple to launch iPanel soon. When news of future release of iPanel comes to market, it sets fire in the Television Industry including Google as Google has launched Google TV. Early days, there was many competition among Google, Apple and Microsoft considering their product “TV” but nowadays, marketing of Google and Microsoft is pretty low than Apple. Imagining if Apple launch its iPanel, obviously it would be great moment for dealers and customers.


Despite a possible cause of legal disputes with the British broadcaster with the same name, Apple has been widely expected to launch its first TV with the Apple iTV title at Jefferies & Co.’s analyst Peter Misek now Apple claiming that opts ??for a different, less controversial title.

“Now we believe that the iTV might be known as” iPanel “because it is much more than television” said by analyst. He added that while Apple is trying to negotiate with the broadcaster ITV, BBC, a competitor is presently unwilling to allow the use of his name for a device focused on the new TV.

The defense of his reasons for changing the name of potential iPanel, Misek has suggested that Apple will get rid of the mark as device iTV home entertainment will be much more expensive than a simple TV. “This is more than a TV,” he said. “This is a screen, play center, media center, computer, home of Automator, etc. Also, Apple would probably have trouble getting the naming rights of ITV in the UK.”

Apple iTV Rumors

Lengthy matter of speculation, rumors of Apple iTV strike-out into overdrive in recent months following the publication of the official biography of Steve Jobs in which Apple co-founder and former CEO said he “eventually succumbed” how to get-set-well in TV market.

“I would create a television set that is fully integrated easy to use,” would that work. “It would be perfectly synchronized with all devices and icloud. Will have the simplest user interface you can imagine. I finally cracked it.”

More Apple rumors have suggested that Apple iTV will offers a variety of size options screen when launches its first own-brand TV sets later this year. With 37 and 42 inch models of Apple iTV reportedly in the works, some rumors have suggested that Apple design Chief Jonathan Ive is putting the final touches on a set of 50 inches.

Don’t know how much we benefited by TV’s Industry. It seem that Soon TVs will replace Desktops with all internet features. What you think about this?

Apple set movies for iTunes & iPanel users via iCloud

Now, iTunes users can play & re-download Universal movies again.

Now with all iOS enable devices, Universal Movies can be downloaded again via iCloud. Apple had added movie support in iCloud, allowing iTunes Users to re-download which they had purchased from Apple iTunes Store. In short, Apple gave you a golden Opportunity to see rare Universal Movies again. Apple is trying to add more featured facilities & flexibilities to their iTunes users via a high-end support “iCloud”.


apple-icloud-movie Apple has written an agreement to allow Universal Studios films available through iTunes in the platform of iCloud. Already in March at the new iPad 3 launch, Apple has announced movies that will join applications, movies and books about iCloud, Apple iPanel or Apple iTunes bought media which then can be re-downloaded by all devices, no additional cost.


However, following the release of films from Universal and 20th Century Fox were not available because agreements studies prior contract with HBO. Apple promised to iron out the details as early as possible, and now iTunes users have reported that the production of Universal Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and are now available for download again.

Furthermore within iTunes, Universal films no longer display the message: “When you purchase this film be unavailable from iTunes in the iCloud.” The films just keeps displaying the message are those of the 20th Century Fox, While reports indicate that Apple is close to agreeing on a deal which would iCloud complete implementation in all the large trials.

I will see again movies like Cowboys & Aliens and Money ball through iCloud. Hope you also be able to enjoy on iOS devices or soon on Apple iPanel (iTV). If any experienced about iTunes Store then share with me via Comments or Like me on Facebook or tweet me on Twitter or plus me on Google+.